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Fashion Designer

Babayo by Aisha Babayo Shehu

Brief info

Babayo – originated from the ancient nomadic tribe of the Fula people, who consider themselves the most beautiful people on this earth.

With a vision to become a dominant player and iconic brand in the luxury industry, bringing the world into our heritage and culture, Babayo was born in 2017. Babayo is a mid – high-end clothing line made to create the perfect synergy between beauty, culture, and fashion as it specializes in luxurious, statement pieces for women. The brand’s fashion is displayed through its couture (made to measure) and ready-to-wear lines brought to life by exquisite craftsmanship, uncompromised quality, and intricately detailed glamour. We believe that cutting-edge creativity is the starting point of every process. We plan to achieve this through curated dreamy experiences, telling stories about culture and heritage in the form of luxury, quality, and statement pieces.