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Fashion Designer

Geometric Motion by Machar Laushi

Brief info

Machar Laushi is an African fashion designer whose creations are wildly unique and whose legacy is bound to influence the fashion industry. Fashion designer Machar Laushi exploded onto the African fashion scene with designs that flew in the face of the current generation and reintroduced the vibe and focus on African luxury fashion. His designs are worn by celebrities, top corporate persons, and royalty alike. His company continues to operate at the forefront of the fashion industry in Northern Nigeria.

Ancient African art dates back at least 6000 years to the rock art found in the Sahara. The whole of Africa was influenced by the art depicting nature, both real and abstract, created by its many cultures from the Egyptians in the North and craft makers in the South over the millennia. This, combined with the fundamental science of ancient geometric figures, forms, and transformations, gave birth to building the material of this futuristic brand that is Geo-motion.

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