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Fashion Designer

Hafmar Designs by Susu

Brief info

HAFMAR Designs is a costume line that is influenced by the Arewa Woman, founded by Safiyyah Ambursa. It is a brand that pays homage to Northern Nigerian culture and tradition while acknowledging the deep rooted influences of western cultures in the present world. Her designs are also born out of complexities that go on in the human mind. Modesty is one prominent factor that guides the designs of the costume line. HAFMAR by Susu seeks to make every woman feel confident, bold and beautiful.

HAFMAR was founded in 2013 but wasn't known to the world until it was officially registered in 2016 as a company. This would be after the CEO realized that she was certain about going all out in the fashion line. HAFMAR currently has a Fashion Academy, where they train emerging fashion designers and have successfully trained over 50 people. Her aim is to change the game in the fashion industry; by letting everyone get to wear what they desire at a very affordable cost regardless of their social status.