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Fashion Designer

JK Dressing

Brief info

A Malian fashion house created in 2017 by its current artistic director Jean Kassim Dembélé, JK Dressing highlights and encourages Malian couture to move towards eco-responsible and futuristic collections. At the head of this emerging high fashion brand is the artist and fashion designer Jean Kassim Dembélé. This fluid creative soul wants to break the stereotypes of Malian fashion with his cutting-edge sewing techniques and provocative style. This innovative brand presents clothing and accessories for all genders and ages. It focuses on creating unique fashion items that preserve the essence of the Malian terroir through fabrics and handmade textiles full of history.

Their inspiration stems from typical Malian designs inspired by the patterns seen in the sky. It had the effect of making them feel "like lightning" when worn in Malian ceremonies. JK dressing is an ethical and eco-responsible fashion company. A brand that promotes and perpetuates the textiles know-how of Mali by revisiting the San Kaba pattern through innovative techniques of natural and vegetable dying.