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Fashion Designer

Nio Far by Milcos

Brief info

Although a software engineer by training, Milcos burns with a passion for art and design. He has seen his works take him to the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) hosted by The Mandela Washington Fellowship, two editions of the Salon Afrodyssée in Geneva, and celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats Lupita Nyongo and even the King of Morocco have worn some of his stunning collections.

Nio Far by Milcos places the human being at the center of its design philosophy. At Nio Far, design is a way of realizing and disseminating stories of societies, tribes, and ethnicities, and a collection is a way of presenting the result of research on them. Nio Far is a Wolof word (the most spoken language in Senegal) meaning we are together, a way of describing the uniqueness of the people living on mother earth. As a brand, they deem it essential to work with humans and not automated machines(which they have nothing against). They like technological innovations but with privileged human expressions. In this sense, they take very seriously the valorization of the craft industry, of the traditional African textile, of the traditional know-how and skills which disappear the most.